The Tap Lab leads the line in development of location-based gaming through iBeacons

In an interview with Re/code, The Tap Lab CEO Dave Bisceglia has revealed that Apple’s iBeacons hold huge potential when it comes to location-based gaming.

As it stands, iOS developers looking to make use of location-based gameplay only have Apple’s internal GPS system to hand, which is great on large scale, but much less capable at providing detailed information.

The iBeacon’s setup allows it to provide location information within a few feet, an unparalleled level of location information accuracy, by harnessing this power iOS game developers may be able to take location-based gaming to a whole new level in the future.

The Tap Lab is currently developing Tiny Tycoons, where the aim is to claim real-world by travelling, it’s the city building fun of a tycoon game, however your path through the game and your success is incumbent on how other players interact with the real-world around you.

Rule the REAL WORLD! Tiny Tycoons is the first location-based tycoon game on the App Store. Build your fortune, travel the globe and claim your favorite real-world places before someone else does!

RISE TO THE TOP: In Tiny Tycoons, you can be a Celebrity Chef at a 5-Star Restaurant, the Lead Barista at your favorite Café, or a Millionaire CEO with offices around the world. The choice is up to you!

Tiny Tycoons is currently being tested in conjunction with iBeacons, and early manifestations of the game feature alerts that notify players when they are entering a building that has already been claimed by another person, along with the option to purchase that building in game.

The Tap Lab’s initial foray into location-based gaming harnessing the power of iBeacons certainly looks interesting, and at the back of my mind, I’m conscious that a global iOS phenomenon may be in the pipelines. What do you think about location-based gaming involving the real world? Does it have a future?


Via: MacRumors


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