Springtomize 3: The Ultimate Tweak Returns


As jailbreaking has progressed over the years, there have always been a few tweaks that are staples in the jailbreak scene, and draw people into jailbreaking. In the early days SBSettings drew the crowds, Intelliscreen was quite popular as well, and then there was Springtomize. It offered a level of options never seen before in a single tweak. Now in its third iteration, Springtomize is back for iOS 7 and has been rebuilt from the ground up. Being made again from scratch, it will be a challenge for it to top its predecessor.

Springtomize has earned the reputation as the mother of all tweaks, offering an unparalleled amount of customization into every nook and cranny of iOS. Springtomize 3 does offer a fair amount of customization, but nowhere near as much as Springtomize 2 had. It is understandable considering that it was rebuilt from the ground up. The developer, Filippo Bigarella, spoke out about Springtomize 3 on Reddit,

“I promise it will be worth the $3 and much, much more, in the near future. I will be updating it with new features constantly; I just wanted people to start using it with a smaller [feature] set, for now. The plan is to make it even more complete than [Springtomize 2].”

Despite not having as many features as its predecessor, Springtomize 3 still has a lot to offer. Home screen icons can be resized, the grid layout can be modified, and you can add a cover flow effect and color filters to the icons. Any lock screen text is subject to custom text and font size, and you can hide any apps you don’t want anyone else seeing. System wide animations can be sped up or slowed down, and you can take control over your status bar. The tweak includes many more features, as I just touched on a few, but you can get a sense of what types of customizations this tweak offers.

Using Springtomize 3 has given me the, “It’s good to be back,” feeling. I really enjoyed using it in its iOS 7 version, but it isn’t mature enough yet. Many of the features can be found in multiple free tweaks, but its nice to consolidate it all into one tweak. I really like having a one-stop shop for all the little customizations I want to make versus having 10 different tweaks installed. There are also quite a few features that aren’t available as free tweaks. It works well and what features are there work flawlessly and don’t have any noticeable bugs.

Springtomize 3 could be the tweak to rule them all, but it’s just not there yet. The developer is committed to making sure the tweak lives up to its potential, and it can only get better. If I wrote this review a month down the road, it would be very different. You may choose to wait and let it mature, but I recommend you just buy it and let the updates roll in. You can get it for $2.99 in Cydia or $1.99 if you bought Springtomize 2.

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  • DrewPage

    I just got Springtomize 3, and its well worth the $1.99 (I had bought Springtomize 2 a while back).  You almost don’t need any other tweaks.