Sketchy rumor predicts an iPad Pro with 2K resolution display and eye-tracking, release late this year


The larger iPad rumors just will not go away as yet another report claims inside knowledge of Apple’s plans to release an “iPad Pro”. According to IBT, a Foxconn insider is spilling the beans regarding some features of Apple’s next generation products.

According to today’s report, the iPad Pro will feature a 2K resolution display with eye-tracking technology. And I’m not buying it. Not even in the slightest.

Firstly a 2K display. Why refer to it as such? The iPad Air already has 2048 pixels across the display. Technically speaking, it already is a 2K display. However, what’s known as 2K digital cinema has a resolution of 2048×1080. iPad Air has 2048×1536. It’s a higher resolution, so, will Apple drop the resolution just to go with a standard cinema format? I think not. It’d be less sharp and would require a new aspect ratio, and for developers to embrace it would be more effort than it’s worth. Unless this so-called iPad Pro is running a version of OS X instead of iOS, it makes no sense whatsoever.

“Reported features of the device include a 2K display and eye tracking. The 2k display will be the first version and then another version with a 4K display will come up. There are also reports saying that Apple will remove the Retina technology from its next line of iPads.”

Personally, I wonder if anyone reading in to these rumors actually knows Apple at all? Firstly, ditching a screen technology and resolution it’s been working on for years in favor of the universal standard 16:9 format? Then, changing it again in a year’s time? You only have to look at how long Apple clung on to its original iPhone screen size and resolution to realize it’s almost certainly not going to happen.

Eye-tracking? Seriously? This isn’t Samsung. It’s Apple. It sounds like the usual pipe-dream rumors coming from “the supply chain”. Probably unchecked, unverified by reliable sources and not worth your time.

We’ve read a few times that Apple is planning a 12.9-inch iPad for release.There is every possibility that Apple is testing one, but it won’t necessarily see the light of day.

Via: IBT

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  • jamesburland

    TiP_Cam It seems likely that phones with get 4K screens this year, so an iPad with a 4K screen seems almost a given.

  • TiP_Cam

    jamesburland Just like a 1080p display would have been a “given” last year, or the year before? It’s not Apple.

  • jamesburland

    TiP_Cam Ah yes, I actually meant, 4K equivalent display. Though on a ‘Pro’ iPad they may well go with a 16:9 ratio.

  • TiP_Cam

    jamesburland Ahh. Okay. Yeah, maybe 4k equivalent on a larger display, but not on current sized iPads. Imagine the battery needed..

  • jamesburland

    TiP_Cam Do you think Samsung will shoehorn a 4K display into a phone this year?

  • TiP_Cam

    jamesburland It wouldn’t surprise me. lol

  • JerenYun

    Do they mean drop retina in terms of the current retina screens only? Because I don’t ever see Apple dropping back to a non-retina resolution with a high end device. Honestly, I am thinking 2014 might be the year where we stop seeing the non-retina display. The iPad 2 is showing its age, and only it and the iPhone 4S use the 30-pin connector. When one goes, I think both will go.

    The only reason I can see keeping such a resolution is if, with it being cheaper to produce, Apple can lower the price of the iPad 2/iPad mini down further than it is while still keeping a nice margin on top. If they can do that, then I can understand keeping it. Otherwise, let’s move on.

  • jamescharley22

    Eye-tracking honestly sounds silly; it’s like the keyboard with numeric keypad, all I can say: there are two kinds of people in this world.
    On the 2k display… whoever came up with the rumor obviously doesn’t understand Apple’s screen technology nor the 2k label. Probably noting the Mac Pro had 4k, they found something seemingly important with the “k” and wanted to put that to use on an iPad.

  • GeorgePhone5

    Still a possibility but it sounds like a junk rumer. I mean retina scanner? Really samsung copies Apple not the other way so…. and a apple would drop retina again after what happened with the 1st iPad mini. And Apple has never released one model with deferent resolutions in the same year.