Report suggests iPhone 6 could keep 8MP camera, focus on improved optics


Apple has always put a lot of time and effort into improving the iPhone’s camera year-by-year leading to the device becoming the one of the most popular cameras in the world. For the last few years, Apple has released iPhones with 8MP iSight cameras with various improvements in optics along the way.

A new report from The China Post suggest that the iPhone 6 will not have an improved pixel count either. The report cites Nomura Securities and the falling share price of Largan Precision Company:

According to Nomura Securities (野村證券), Largan’s recently lagging performance in the market is caused by rumors that Apple may adopt an 8 mega-pixel (MP) camera with improved optical image stabilization on its upcoming handset, instead of the 16 MP upgrade anticipated by industry observers. Apple’s decision is based on the design requirement to retain the handset’s more portable form factor, said Nomura Securities.

It’s not too difficult to imagine Apple retaining the same pixel count for its next generation iPhone camera. In recent years Apple has focused on improving the camera technology, adding sapphire lens covers, a larger sensor, a wider aperture and TrueTone flash to improve the images produced.

At all of the recent iPhone keynotes, Apple has gone to great lengths to explain that it is not about megapixels and is instead about optics and light. Apple even took to its website to explain the technology for the iPhone 5s:

The new iSight camera on iPhone 5s builds on the iPhone 5 camera in ways that make a real difference to your photos. It captures beautiful images at 8 megapixels. What makes them beautiful is a redesigned camera sensor that allows for bigger pixels. Bigger pixels equal better photos. And better photos are precisely what inspired the advancements we made with the new iSight camera on iPhone 5s.


It seems Apple is not willing to enter into the spec-sheet battle with other manufacturers like Nokia who are ramping up the megapixel count to almost gimmicky levels. With its advanced optics, the iPhone will enable you to take great pictures and that is enough for most people.

Software has also been a big focus with improved image stabilisation, Slo-Mo, Panorama and Burst modes being added in recent years, improving the camera experience. It’s likely that, even if the next iPhone retains the 8MP label, it will take better pictures than the iPhone 5s.

The question is, however, will that be communicated to the average customer or will 8MP sound dated? Let us know what you think about the next generation iPhone’s camera tech in the comments or on Twitter: @TodaysiPhone.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • ryjb

    TiP_Cam Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Not sure why people think they need freeway billboard resolutions.

  • somair1984

    i love i-sight tech.. 8MP enough but great photos that matter the most…
    if Apple enhance the camera with same MPs.. then its will be a hard fight for them to battle on spec sheet ..

  • maeganb1971

    Nothing wrong with that.  Most of the time I’m just looking at It on the computer or sharing on Facebook anyways.

  • jabombardier

    Megapixels is all about resolution for printing. 8 MP is a enough. The spec sheet war is pretty lame. Especially when you cannot take take advantage of the specs as well as your operating system still can’t operate smoothly without freezing.