iWatch alongside iOS 8 to spearhead Apple’s reinvention of mobile health market

iwatch concept

Over the past year or so, a couple of industries in the tech world have taken off, but are both very much in their early stages: Health tracking and wearable technology. Apple – according to an exclusive report by Mark Gurman – has its sights set on combining the two and redefining them. Through iOS 8 and iWatch, Apple wants to add a lot more depth to what we can track using our iDevices.


We’ve read reports on this a couple of times recently, but the iWatch is going to be much more than what we’d initially expected. It’s far from being just a regular smartwatch and is said to feature a whole host of biosensors that we currently don’t have. Apple’s recent recruiting strategy points to a lot of clever sensor chips being looked at. iWatch could track glucose, blood pressure, heart rate and a variety of other pieces of data. If it can couple these with the rumored Siri interactivity, notifications and M7 processor, it could create for a killer experience.

iOS 8 and “Healthbook”

Key to all this medical data, and the program that makes sense of it all is rumored to be called Healthbook. It’s said to be similar to Passbook in design and user interface, but will – if it pans out – become the most accurate and fully featured health tracking app on the mobile scene. As well as its ties with the iWatch, it’ll perform all the regular tasks of counting steps, calculating calories burned, miles walked/run etc.

The new health and fitness application’s interface is a stack of cards that can be easily swiped between. Each card represents a different fitness or health data point. The prototype logo for “Healthbook” is similar to Passbook’s icon, but it is adorned with graphics representing vital signs.

Sources warn that the health functionality could ultimately be removed from iOS 8 before its scheduled introduction. Apple develops several features for future operating systems and then finalizes which features make the cut for the release closer to launch.

So far, in the market place, there are various accessories for counting steps, calculating distances and heart rate. However, it’s extremely rare for one gadget to measure all of those. Currently, there’s not anything that’ll do those as well as sensing glucose levels, blood pressure and the others.

For more details, read the original report over at 9to5Mac.com.

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