iOS 7.1 beta 4 not jailbreak-able using Evasi0n7


Just before Christmas last year, Evad3rs surprised everyone by launching Evasi0n7, the first untethered jailbreak tool that worked with any device running iOS 7+. The release even surprised jailbreak devs, including Saurik, who hadn’t even got Cydia ready for the iOS 7 at that point. Perhaps the one pleasant surprise was that the jailbreak also worked with iOS 7.1 beta. In fact, it’s worked with every beta version of iOS 7. Up until now.

iH8sn0w tweeted yesterday evening that the exploit used to jailbreak iOS 7 has been patched up in the latest beta version of iOS 7.1.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 14.30.35The developer also went on to stated that Evad3rs won’t be working on a version to work on future beta versions of iOS 7.1. However, that’s not to say we won’t see one that works with the official public release.

Personally, I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much for iOS 7.1 tools. Look at last year, we didn’t get an official jailbreak tool for iOS 6.1 until after iOS 7 was here, and even then, it was for pre-A7 chip devices. So, if I was a gambling man, I’d bet against a new version of Evasi0n 7 for iOS 7.1.

Via: iH8sn0w (Twitter)


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  • DrewPage

    I wouldn’t bet on that either Cam, but jailbreaking, on the whole, is a gamble, isn’t it?  Basically, for a few cool tweaks, you are downgrading the security on your iPhone, since the jailbreak itself depends on hacking Apple’s security holes.  Also, you don’t get the latest security patches when Apple makes them available via a point release.  Surely people realize that our smart phones are inherently insecure.  Almost any world government’s spy agency can easily get into your smart phone, as has been revealed recently.