Evomail+ for iPhone – Overview [VID]

A short while ago, Evomail dropped its latest version of the email client on to the App Store as a brand new app. Evomail+ utilizes the new Evocloud to deliver push notifications for Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and other IMAP accounts. It’s mostly gesture-based, with many features controlled from a single on-screen “button”. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great start for a new app.

I’ve been testing it for a week or so and I love the general user interface. Some icons are a little fiddly, and if you want to understand what each icon means, you should definitely go through the basic tutorial/guide before using it. There were a couple of bugs when I tested it, but they should be squashed fairly soon. The Evomail team is normally very quick to push out updates.

Overall, I’m impressed. It’s one of the few email clients that gets the right balance between productive triaging and conversational email.

App Store link.

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  • christianbclark

    jasontrump evomail – so many humans have said this app sucks LOL

  • jasontrump

    christianbclark I didn’t say I liked it or am replacing what I use. Just shared the video so everyone can see it.