Beaconic announces first iBeacon Retail Kits for Europe

We’ve seen decent uptake of Apple’s iBeacon technologies in US retail stores so far with Apple integrating iBeacons into its own Retail Stores and Apple Store app, Macy’s using iBeacons in some of their stores and other interesting uses for the technology from gaming to Newsstand content delivery.

However, outside of the US, adoption of the new Bluetooth Low Energy technology has been slower. Beaconic aims to change that with its new iBeacon Retail Kit which will make it easier for European businesses to implement iBeacon tech.

To help retailers quickly adapt to this industry development, the Beaconic Retail Kit includes all the key components of this technology: two (or more) 4.0 bluetooth iBeacons with two-year battery life and 60-meter range, an easy online campaign manager, iOS compatibility and a planned Android app… To boost both engagement and conversion, their sophisticated platform can handle detailed campaigns like countdown-based offers or rewards for Facebook connections. Retailers will also gain insight on buyer behavior by tracking how many visitors redeem the offers and rewards. The out-of-the-box kits do not require technical knowledge, but do offer frameworks for companies who want to go even further with their software development kit.

Beaconic’s Retail Kit will make it easier for small businesses to get set up with iBeacons and track usage. It’s software is also available in several languages making it an interesting prospect across Europe.


The Retail Kit is available to order now in Europe (and the US) starting at €249 for two beacons with an extra €100 getting you two more beacons with a custom setup available for €500.

Do you think this will help the spread of iBeacons across Europe? Let us know in the comments or on twitter: @TodaysiPhone.

Via: 9to5Mac

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