Apple bringing back the 8GB iPhone 4 for India?

Apple Announces New iPhone At Developers Conference

Just under 4 years ago, Steve Jobs unveiled the new-shaped square, all glass and steel, iPhone 4. In October last year, it was discontinued following the launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c. But it could be about to make a re-appearance in India according to The Times of India.

According to the publication, the device is being reintroduced to combat slow sales and a slip in market share in the mid-level handset segment. Price will be around Rs 15,000 (around $240 USD). It’s speculated that Apple is going to reclaim unsold stock from around the globe for the Indian market.

“While there is still a latent demand for the iPhone 4 due to its attractive price in India, the model has lost favour in matured markets and hence it may not make sense for Apple to start fresh production since it follows economies of scale,” said a senior executive at a top electronic retail chain.¬†

It’d certainly be an unusual move for Apple. It’s not something the company has done before with the iPhone. But, the Indian market is a very unusual one. With so many tiers to the social/wealth class system, finding a solution to suit everyone isn’t going to be as simple as it might be in most other countries.

We’ll see how this one pans out. For now, stick it in the “rumor” tray.

Via: IndiaTimes 

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  • DrewPage

    Isn’t it more likely that Apple is going to start selling the 4S at those prices in India?¬† In either case, that would be a great idea, because it would flood the market with iPhones, and fuel upgrades to more expensive iPhones, like the 5, 5c, and 5s.

  • I’d say it’s more likely to see the iPhone 4S in this role. Even so, the 4 is a capable phone that could help build up Apple’s “lower” end of the business. (Though even that is still higher than the competition)