Republique, a first look at Camouflaj’s stunning 1984-inspired game [Gallery]


There are absolutely tons of apps and games on the App Store now. So many, that it’s getting more and more difficult to get any kind of unique story-telling or gameplay. Just look at the endless runner genre. Since Temple Run was released, it seems that any vaguely marketable TV show, movie or character gets its own title within the genre. At the moment, there’s a lot of noise on the App Store, and it’s drowning out a lot of quality offerings.

Republique caught my attention this week. It’s a game developed by some industry veterans who wanted to create an awesome game with high-def graphics, a narrative and a non-sexualized female lead. I downloaded it as soon as it was available and have been playing it for the past couple of hours. Purely so I could find out if it was worth the initial $4.99/£2.99.

It was, and it is.

The plotline is fairly simple. Our protagonist, Hope, lives in a world where citizens are brainwashed and constantly monitored. A “Big Brother” state, paying homage to 1984 by George Orwell. However, there’s been a minor uprising, in that a now-dead character has been educating students, getting them banned books to read. “Poisoning” them according to the State. So, our character is scheduled to be detained and “recalibrated”.

The graphics are stunning and the unveiling of the storyline as the game progresses is fantastic. What I liked most in my first stint playing Republique, is the game play.

You are essentially a piece of software, or Cybernetic being. You can transfer between security cameras to see what’s going on, where guards are placed, and you unlock doors, discover PIN codes, and help Hope find places to hide, and tell her when to move. The aim is to help Hope escape before she gets “recalibrated” by the governing forces.

As the game progresses and you find contraband articles, you can trade them in specified locations to update your program giving you further abilities, like being able to hack in to emails and read them – for instance.

I love this game on first play, and highly recommend giving it a try. There’s not a lot like it on the App Store at the moment. If you like it a lot, you can pre-order the next 4 episodes with an in-app purchase of $14.99/£10.49.

If you download any game this holiday season, make sure it’s this one. Here’s the App Store link.

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  • kfsanders

    TiP_Cam Nice write up. Last question: should I go for Republique, or The Room 2?

  • TiP_Cam

    kfsanders Oooh… tough question. Room Two is v. good, but once you get to the end, that’s it. It’s not very long.

  • kfsanders

    TiP_Cam Good point. What a Dilemma!

  • TiP_Cam

    kfsanders One, that I thankfully don’t have. Get both. ;-)

  • kfsanders

    TiP_Cam Well, if you say so! I’ll let my wife know you have me the green light. ;)

  • TiP_Cam

    kfsanders Hahaha. Yeah.. do that. ;-)