Report: Apple spent $60+ million on lawyers in cases against Samsung

AppleSamsungRuling_610x426Apple and Samsung have been at it more times than I can keep count at this point, but one thing not many people have been asking is just how much has been spent on lawyers by the companies. Well, according to a report out of Reuters, legal documents filed by Apple today show that the amount it has spent on lawyers in the patent dispute with Samsung come to over $60 million. Read that again, Apple has spent $60 million on lawyers in its case against Samsung.

I guess that Apple doesn’t really care too much, however, because it has billions in the banks and, of course, won a total of $930 million from Samsung in the court cases. But what is crazy is that this was a “discounted” rate from what the Morrison & Foerster law firm’s standard rates are, because Apple and the firm have had a long time client relation. Apple wasn’t available for comment and Samsung declined, according to Reuters.

Apple also filed to have Samsung pay $15.7 million of its legal fees, which would be around 26% of the total costs Apple has had to pay. As many of you know, this case began a relatively long time ago and is finally in the final stages. The case was over multiple patent infringements across multiple devices. Originally Apple was awarded over $1 billion, but part of that was deemed incorrect and was retried. Apple then won a portion of what was deducted bringing about the total of around $930 million, where it has been finalized.

What do you think? Should Samsung have to pay some of the bills? Or should Apple be responsible for it? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Reuters


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