BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz Pure for iPhone 5/5s – Unboxing and Application [VID]

There are tons of screen protectors on the market for iPhone. And now, most companies makes its own version of a tempered glass protective screen cover. I’ve reviewed and tested a few, including the Spigen SGP glass.t as well as PerfectFit’s Glass Shield. But there are many, many more. Having so many available makes it hard for companies to be unique.

With the BodyGuardz, the method of application is possibly what makes it different to all the others. Instead of being left using your own digits and risking dust and grime getting underneath the glass, the company ships it with a suction cup (along with the usual microfiber cloth, alcohol wipe, squeegee card and dust remover stickers). This certainly makes it easier to align properly, but I did still find the application quite fiddly. The plastic film on the back didn’t peel off correctly. As with most screen protectors, it’s covered by plastic film on front and back with numbered tabs that you’re supposed to pull on to remove the film. Instead of removing the film, the tab simply came off. I had to try and separate the protective film from the protector using a fingernail.

Apart from my application stresses, the ScreenGuardz Pure itself is a decent accessory. It’s a really clear glass, chemically treated to provide superb protection. It doesn’t attract fingerprints at all and it doesn’t affect the sensitivity of the touch screen. All in all, it’s great, but it could do with easier application.

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  • notoakie

    it never occurred to you to use a piece of tape to remove the backing film, or to use another piece of tape to tack down one edge to the phone for proper alignment, then folding over the screen protector, quickly removing the backing and flipping it back to adhere before any dust finds its way between?
    maybe I should post a youtube how-to since so few people have figured this out.

  • kellansilas

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