Beyonce sells over 1 million copies of new, iTunes-exclusive album in just 5 days

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Beyonce recently surprised us all by dropping a completely new album on iTunes last week, complete with music videos for every single track with out even a hint it was coming. The album received no promotion before the release and minimal promotion after yet sold over 800,000 copies in three days becoming the fastest selling album in the history of iTunes. Now, Apple has confirmed that the number has passed 1 million copies just five days after the release.

The whole project was kept under wraps by all involved parties meaning a surprise launch was possible, reminiscent of Apple launches of old, and the buzz created on social media acted as the perfect form of marketing for the album.

Beyonce’s self-titled album, dubbed a “visual album” by B, features 14 new tracks and 17 videos. Uniquely, it is available only via iTunes and only as an album meaning individual tracks can not be bought.

In a time of illegal downloads, free music streaming and single-purchasing culture, it must be reassuring to the music business that feats like this are still possible if pulled off correctly (and by suitably big stars).

The RIAA is expected to certify the album as platinum soon.

Via: Huffington Post

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