Best shopping apps for the holidays: RedLaser, SnipSnap, SaleSorter and more

Holiday Shopping app list featureThe holidays are fast approaching and, as enjoyable as the season is, Christmas shopping is always one of the most taxing activities of the year.

Fortunately, the App Store offers great some ways to keep yourself organized, reduce stress, and save you some money on your shopping during the holidays.

2013-12-06 14.57.43SnipSnap

Coupons have been a great way to save money on shopping all year round for a long time now. But in the increasingly paperless world, it seems strange to carry a stack of clipped coupons with you when shopping.

Thankfully, SnipSnap offers a way to say goodbye to paper coupons. Simply take a picture of the coupon with your iPhone and the app transforms the data into a mobile-optimized version that can be redeemed off your screen in-store.

SnipSnap also looks at the data on the coupon and can remind you that coupons are about to expire or inform you of minimum spending limits.

Now you have no excuse not to save money this Christmas.

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2013-12-06 15.18.52SaleSorter

As the name suggests, SaleSorter is all about tacking down sales in your area. The app plots all of the local sales on a map for you saving you time and allowing you to make decisions as to which stores to visit.

You can share sales with friends so if you know someone has been eyeing something up for a while, you can use SaleSorter to send them information on a sale that might interest them. You can even set yourself favourite stores and the app will let you know when they launch a sale.

SaleSorter is free and could save you some money on your gift purchases this holiday season!

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2013-12-06 15.10.21RedLaser

Ever been out shopping and wondered if the item you were looking at was cheaper elsewhere or online? I used to until I discovered RedLaser.

Simply scan the barcode of any product and RedLaser can tell you the price for the same item at other retailers as well as online stores such as Amazon and eBay. This way you can make sure you get the gifts people want at the best prices. RedLaser even shows you reviews of the product so you can make an informed decision.

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2013-12-06 16.04.08AnyList

Being organized is key to staying sane when shopping for the holidays. There’s so much to think about, from gifts to groceries, and keeping yourself and your family on the same page is difficult.

AnyList is a grocery and shopping list app that allows you to keep lists of everything you need so you can keep track of what still needs to be gotten.

What’s best is that AnyList allows for shared lists, perfect for keeping your partner or spouse in the loop ahead of the holidays.

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2013-12-06 15.31.38Cool Hunting Gift Guide

Lacking in inspiration for gift ideas this year? Well Cool Hunting Gift Guide could be a great source for the imaginatively challenged.

Browse through thousands of items and filter by category and price to find the ideal gifts for friends and family. If you spot something, use the wishlist feature to keep track of your finds and if you spot something for yourself, you can share it via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Everyone’s a winner.

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2013-12-06 16.00.54Apple Store

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Apple Store app getting a mention, would it? The official Apple Store app, recently released for iPad too, lets you shop for all your favorite Apple gear and accessories. The app is set to get a lot more useful with Apple’s implementation of iBeacons in retail stores too.

Giveaways make for an extra incentive to get the Apple Store with apps and music being offered as free downloads regularly.

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Your favorites?

We know you are pretty good at finding some gems in the App Store. Do you have any favorite shopping apps for the holidays that you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter:@TodaysiPhone.

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