Apple Store in Netherlands won’t open this year, previously removed Christmas tree returned

Earlier this month, Apple angered shoppers in De Passage in the Netherlands, the location of its upcoming Apple Store. The reason? It had the shopping center’s giant Christmas tree removed as it would obscure the front entrance of the new Store. Apparently, Apple had it written into their tenancy agreement that the tree, which is erected every year, would no longer be situated in its usual spot and would therefore not block their Store.

Local shopper Phyllis White took to her blog to plead Apple to change their mind:

Certainly the local people will go to the [Apple] Store and spend their money and buy Apple products, so Apple, do the decent thing: give something back to our community, give us back our Christmas tree, our Christmas tradition, it is CHRISTMAS after all, a time for giving not taking!!

Well, it seems as if the locals have got their way, at least for this year. The tree has now returned. As much as we’d like to say that Tim Cook and Co. had a change of heart and realized the value of the local tradition, it is simply a case of the Apple Store not being ready to open until 2014.

The Store in De Passage will be Apple’s third in the Netherlands when it opens in the New Year. It remains to be seen where the Christmas tree debate will settle this time next year.

Source: iPhoneclub Via: Cult of Mac

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