Unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 5s now available on Apple online store in US

iphone_5s_unlockedIf you have been patiently awaiting the day that Apple began offering an unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 5s on its online store, that day has finally come. Now, alongside the option to purchase an iPhone 5s through your respective carrier, you are given the option to purchase an unlocked SIM-free iPhone 5s for $649/$749/$849 for a 16/32/64GB option. If you buy this, you will have to have your own GSM SIM card to use with the device because – as the name so obviously states – it doesn’t not come with a SIM. The device also is showing a shipping time of 1-2 weeks, so you’ll have to wait a little longer than a carrier version; if you have waited this long already though, it shouldn’t feel like that much longer.

If you really wanted to have an unlocked device, however, you would have known that some of these devices come unlocked already. The T-Mobile and Verizon flavors of iPhone 5s have been unlocked since launch, so you could have purchased one of those at full retail in order to get your hands on an unlocked device earlier. However, if you were simply waiting for a true SIM-free unlocked device, that device can now be yours (well, in a few weeks at least). If you are interested in picking one of these up, head on over to the Apple online store here: iPhone 5s.

What do you think? Are you going to be picking one of these up? Why have you opted for this option? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: MacRumors, Apple

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  • Dwinbush2

    The Verizon iPhone comes unlocked already so it would just make sense to buy an iPhone from Verizon.

  • hantaah2

    I would never buy a sim free direct from apple, far to expensive! I got my sim free for free from http://goo.gl/ouQ8F2 but got to wait 2 weeks for delivery. Can’t wait!