Top Stories This Week: iPad Air reviews and tests, iOS 7.0.4 pops up and Lifeproof’s new iPhone 5s case

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It’s been just over a week since the iPad Air landed on store shelves, and it’s given us enough time to gather our thoughts, chew over the changes and spit them out in form of a review. As well as my first impressions post, and my review, there have been a couple more pieces of interesting news in the Apple world this week. As always, the headlines are links to the original articles.

1.24 hours with the iPad Air – First Impressions

Our most popular story this week by a long way. Many of you seemingly wanted to know what my initial thoughts on Apple’s new tablet were. In short: It’s fantastic.

2.iOS 7.0.4 could be on the horizon as traffic sees increase

Based on a few traffic reports from across the web, it looks like Apple’s about ready to release the next delta update to iOS 7. We’re not sure what iOS 7.0.4 includes, but it’s more than likely just a few bug fixes.

3.iPad Air goes through torture tests, doesn’t fare well

In Apple’s iPad Air promo, Jony Ive waxes lyrical over the iPad’s ability to withstand daily knocks and scrapes. Torture tests seem to prove otherwise.

4.LifeProof fre now available for iPhone 5s

Lifeproof was face with a challenge when creating an everything-proof case for iPhone 5s. The Touch ID sensor means that the home button needs to be exposed all the time, so, how exactly do you create a waterproof case with an exposed area?

5.iPad Air – Apple’s best tablet just got better [Review] – Updated, now with video

Last but not least, I published my full review of the iPad Air during the week.

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  • davem

    Cam do you know when the iPad Mini 2 with Retina will be coming out in mid November?