Ten One Design releases updated Pogo Stylus

pogoIf you are a fan of Ten One Design, the popular iOS accessory maker, has released an updated version of its original Pogo Stylus. Ten One Design’s original Pogo was one of the first popular capacitive styli on the market, and it decided to recreate the classic with a new body and interchangeable tips.

Just as previous the previous Pogo was, this is compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices – but of course it is marketed more so at Apple devices, as those are the ones used most for content creation such as drawing. A new feature of this one, however, is the same idea that came to the Pogo Connect: interchangeable tips. This will allow a certain level of customization not seen on other styli on the market:

We wanted to recreate the classic Pogo, yet update it to enhance use with today’s most popular smartphone and tablets,” says Ten One Design Co-founder Peter Skinner. “We’re excited to offer unique elements of Ten One Design products, like the interchangeable tips, that allow users to customize their stylus.

So just how much does this cost? A rather affordable $19.95. I personally own the Bluetooth compatible Pogo Connect and love it. If you aren’t able to get something in that price range though, I’m sure this is a great choice. With its nice looks and good build quality, Ten One Design has put together a nice looking stylus. Head on over here to pick one up if you are interested: Pogo.

What do you think? Do you use a capacitive stylus? Do you think this will make you try it out? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: AppAdvice, Ten One Design


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