LifeProof releases new colors for iPhone 5s frē case

prod_ip5s_fre_red_mc_hero_131030If you haven’t heard of LifeProof, I’m not sure what to say. LifeProof, the very well known case company that was acquired by Otterbox a while back now, has released new colors of the new iPhone 5s flavor of its popular frē case lineup. The LifeProof frē is the classic case that everyone tends to think of when one thinks of LifeProof cases. It boasts the usual waterproof, dirt proof, dust proof, and shock proof features that have made LifeProof so popular (specifically the waterproof I’ve found is why most like it). The iPhone 5s version has a clear part over the home button in order to allow the Touch ID sensor to see through, letting you use every part of your iPhone 5s while keeping it fully protected.

Technology begets technology

iPhone 5s was created using the most advanced phone technology available. So we invented the most advanced protection technology possible to bring you this — frē for iPhone 5s.

Thinner, lighter, stronger and more protective than any case before it, frē keeps your iPhone 5s waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and drop proof, so you can live LifeProof.

The announcement today, however, isn’t the case itself which was announced a week or so back, but that there are new colors available. LifeProof did this with the iPhone 5 version as well, making black and white available initially and other colors come later. Well, the “later” has come as other colors are now available on LifeProof’s website. The colors now available include: black, white, red (my favorite!), lime, magenta, teal, yellow, cyan, dark flat earth, and olive drab green. You can grab those for $79.99 here: LifeProof frē for iPhone 5s.

What do you think? Are you going to order the LifeProof for iPhone 5s? What color would you get? let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


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  • DrewPage

    I’d have to go with Black if I got one.  I do have a waterproof case for my iPhone 5c, but its almost more of a pouch.  Still looks pretty cool.  The problem is, its very expensive (I know, its a lot cheaper than a new phone, but still).