Leather is out, flat is in: Find My Friends finally receives iOS 7 makeover

Find_My_FriendsFind My Friends got a much needed makeover today in the form of an iOS 7 ready application. That’s right, the final link in Apple’s chain of applications for iOS has dropped the leather look in favor of the expected white, flat UI with an orange gradient icon. iBooks and iTunes U recently received their respective updates, making this the final app needed to be updated to iOS 7 look and feel (except the long forgotten and abandoned Keynote Remote app that doesn’t even have iPhone 5 support).

I don’t use the app often, but I definitely like this update. The experience feels more streamlined, and definitely falls in line with iOS 7. But, what is with the icon?! The gradient isn’t a problem. The people glyph isn’t a problem. But, what is with the outline? If you remember the old logo, the outline used to be the stitching surrounding the application that helped represent the skeumorphic look of the application; but that stitching is no longer found in the iOS 7-ified application, so the outline should definitely have been taking out. That’s just me nitpicking though.

Overall, the application falls right in line with what you expect from Apple and iOS 7. Circular contact pictures, transparency and gaussian blurs, white everywhere, and borderless buttons. The update is, as expected, free in the App Store: Find My Friends. For those unaware, what this does is allows you to add friends that can follow you and then see where you are…at all times (unless you do the temporary access). The point of it is to see if any of your friends are around you when you are out and about. Neat idea? Sure, just a tad on the creepy side as well.

What do you think? Do you like the update? Do you use Find My Friends? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


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  • Kevin Olson


  • http://www.joshspadd.com/ JerenYun

    At last! Now they just need to update it so it works and we’ll be all set.