76% of smartphone sales in Japan for October were iPhone 5s/5c

iphonesIt’s no secret that Japan loves the iPhone, with different reports all pointing towards iOS having a larger share than Android in the country it shouldn’t a surprise that Apple’s newest set of iPhones reportedly accounted for 76% of all smartphones sold in the month of October. With these types of numbers, Japan could be considered Apple’s second largest market for the iPhone, with its home country coming in first.

Not only did Apple take 76% of smartphone sales in all of Japan, but on its newest partner, NTT DoCoMo, Apple reportedly took 61% of sales. This is a great sign for the partnership, and could be an indication of how well the new iPad Air will sell once available on the carrier. NTT DoCoMo hadn’t offered iPhones until this year, and with a subscriber base of 60 million, it is no surprise Apple wanted in on the fun.

Supply for the iPhone 5s, as many will recall, was very scarce at launch with the gold option being the hardest to get your hands on. Many Apple Stores had limited supply of the device overall, with some carrier stores not even having some available for launch day. However, the online store now shows 3-5 days for the US and 1-2 weeks for Japan (it was at one point up to 28 days, or 4 weeks).  This is a good sign, as this means that Apple will hopefully be able to meet the high demand that is likely to come with the upcoming holiday season.

Of course, these numbers include both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c together. I’d be interesting in seeing the numbers separately due to recent reports that Apple has begun cutting back iPhone 5c production in favor of ramping up iPhone 5s production. Numbers for the device have continually come out lower than that of the iPhone 5s, but I can’t say that was all too unexpected. Many believed that the iPhone 5c would be the “budget” iPhone, and seeing as the price is only a starting point of $100 less than that of the iPhone 5s, it shouldn’t be a surprise sales are struggling.

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Via: iDownloadBlog, Unwired View

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