Vine update finally allows you to hide revines

For the second time this week Vine has updated its iOS app.

Version 1.4.1 allows users to hide revines from specific people you follow.



As any of you familiar with Vine will know, there are some people on Vine who are a little more prone to revining content than others… You may also know that the content often revined really isn’t that great. Vine’s update today means that finally you can follow whoever you wish, without the fear of their nonsensical video recommendations clogging up your video feed.

Revined content is possibly one of the most annoying features of Vine, and so its great that Vine now facilitates the regulation of that content as the user determines is a fantastic improvement. This very minor update is tacked on to the end of a more substantial update earlier this week, which brought Vine some great new camera controls.

Vine is available on iOS for free now! App Store



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