Sparrow mail for iOS gets update – finally!

Sparrow for iOS just been updated for the first time since December of last year!

Google purchased the client in July of 2012, and it was widely believed that work on the app was not to continue, and that features of the service would instead be integrated into Google’s Gmail app. Now however, the app has received an update.

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The new software has several bug fixes for iOS 7 compatibility, which means Sparrow is now functional on the new software. To match the new design of iOS its got a brand new, flatter icon.

Sadly, that’s all there is to report, and it does look like Sparrow is simply having its lifespan extended a little, with no real effort made to upgrade or innovate within the app. Having said that, Sparrow remains the email client of choice for some. So with that in mind, the app is available to download with iOS 7 functionality now for $2.99! App Store



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  • DrewPage

    I honestly don’t  get 3rd party mail clients for iPhone.  Apple Mail works very well, and the iOS 7 version is even better.  I’ve never had a reason to use anything else.