Nike hope the FuelBand has inspired the Apple iWatch

Nike, who recently release their new and upgrade FuelBand SE, hope that they have inspired Apple in the wearable tech field.

Nike FuelBand SE feature

We know that Apple has hired Jay Blahnik who worked on the FuelBand as well as Ben Shaffer, former innovation leader at Nike. Could the Nike influence now within Apple mean that the iWatch, or whatever Apple’s wearable tech product ends up being called, could be inspired by the FuelBand?

TechRadar asked Nike’s VP of Digital Sport, Stefan Olander, if Nike thinks Apple is taking inspiration from what Nike is doing in the wearables space given the close relationship between the two companies:

I hope they are. We learned a lot from them with regards to designing simple experiences. I think we can bring a lot of value as it comes to designing for the body in motion. Hopefully there’s something we can do with what we’ve done here that can inspire [an Apple watch] to be good for movement.

Olander didn’t admit to knowing any of Apple plans for an iWatch but expects that the two companies will continue to have a healthy partnership in the future.

In the wearable space we can just continue the way we’ve been partnering in the past in a really meaningful way. I don’t think Apple is the kind of company that copies anyone else. They’re going to come out with their own solution.

Via: TechRadar


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