Leaked MOGA gamepad for iPhone looks sweet [pics]

moga_ace_power_leak-640x245Yesterday, @evleaks leaked some tasty pics on its Twitter account, showing off a fantastic looking physical gamepad for iPhone 5/5s. Created by MOGA, it features all the usual controls, including the D-pad, two joysticks and the usual x, y, a and b keys in the customary red, yellow, blue and green hues.


It’s safe to say that this is one market I’m really interested in watching. Since it was revealed that iOS 7 would allow third party developers to make their apps compatible with external game controllers, manufacturers have been working on ideas. We know Logitech has one on the way, and MOGA’s looks to be the next in line. The potential for it is fantastic. Especially if they start making Bluetooth controllers. Imagine, having your iPad on a stand and using a gamepad. It’ll be almost like using a console. Especially now that the A7 chip is built with 64-bit compatibility and a quad-core GPU. Watch this space. iOS devices could replace your need for a bespoke gaming device.


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  • I honestly think iOS 7 with game controller support and an updated Apple TV could be one of the biggest disruptors to come. I still doubt that the Apple TV concept is a full-blown television. It’s software and APIs like this that will change the game.

  • Kevin Olson

    I’d buy one right now.