Turn your iPhone 5 into a 5s (look-a-like) with new upgrade kit

iPhone 5 Upgrade Kit

Do you already own an iPhone 5 and are looking to upgrade to a 5s, but you just can’t seem to get your hands on one due to the low stock, and unfortunate lack of pre-ordering this time around? While there many not be many making the jump from the iPhone 5 to 5s, there are still likely some who want to do so, but haven’t been able to buy the new device yet since they’re out of stock pretty much everywhere. If you are someone looking for an iPhone 5s, but really just want it for the new gold color, you may want to check out this option instead.

An “upgrade kit” has just been released for iPhone 5 devices that will help turn your aging device into a brand new 5s! Well, not really. It actually can just give you the look of the new gold or space gray colors, but its still pretty neat. Not to mention it is much more cost effective than upgrading to the latest flagship iPhone. The gold iPhone is currently selling for thousands on eBay (up to $10,000!), but you can give your iPhone 5 the gold treatment for just $24 with the upgrade kit. To get the new gold or space gray look, head on over to this link: Upgrade Kit. While the photos on the upgrade kit website are actually just pictures of the real iPhone 5s, there are more pictures of the real upgrade kit available at the source link below. The upgrade kit also looks like it is much more “in-your-face” gold, rather than the toned down champagne color of the actual iPhone 5s.

Would you ever consider buying an upgrade kit so you could look like you have a new iPhone 5s? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Source: Redmond Pie

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