T-Mobile drops older iPhone prices in anticipation of iPhone 5s and 5c

iPhone Tmo Price Drop

As is customary with a new iPhone launch, prices are starting to drop on the iPhone 5, 4S, and 4 devices across the board. Today, T-Mobile became the latest retailer to drop its prices on the older Apple devices to clear out inventory for the upcoming launch of both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

The magenta carrier has dropped $50 from the down payment on the iPhone 5, meaning that the initial payment is now just $99. The monthly payments have also dropped from $21 to just $18.75. This all accounts for a total of $100 off over the 24 month payment period. The iPhone 4 and 4S also saw price drops, and as our friends over at TmoNews pointed out, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the prices on those devices drop even more to help the inventory move quicker to make room for the new iPhones.

The latest iPhones will launch this Friday on T-Mobile as with other carriers. The iPhone 5s will cost $99 down as well as $22.91 per month over two years, which comes to a total of $648.84, while the iPhone 5c will cost $22 per month, with $0 down.

It is likely that over the coming days we will continue to see other retailers drop prices on the older iPhone models in order to move inventory to make room for the newer devices. Would you consider buying an iPhone 5, 4S, or 4 at a discounted rate before the iPhone 5s and 5c launch? Drop your comments in the comments section below!

Source: TmoNews

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