Sprint offering $100 off new phones for new customers, includes iPhone 5c and 5s

iPhone Discount Sprint

For customers looking to switch to Sprint and grab an iPhone on an unlimited plan, now is your time! As an incentive to get new customers to port their number over to the big yellow carrier, Sprint is offering $100 off any smartphone for new customers, and surprisingly, this promotion extends to both the iPhone 5s and 5c. With this promotion, the new iPhone 5c will be free, and the iPhone 5s will cost just $99 on a new two year contract for the 16GB version of both devices.

This promotion will only apply when new customers port over an existing cell or landline number to Sprint, and it cannot be from another Sprint owned company such as Boost Mobile. Below is the info about the promotion from Sprint’s website:

Get up to $100 off any phone when you bring your number to Sprint. Save up to $100 on any phone when you switch your number to Sprint. That’s right, save an extra $100 on your favorite devices. Close this window to start shopping. All prices reflect the Bring Your Number Savings. Upgrades are not eligible for Bring Your Number Savings. The final price of your phone will be reflected on the device details page and in your cart.

While I wouldn’t qualify for this promotion (I’m already on Sprint), if I were looking to switch carriers, this would certainly be a major incentive for me. Are any of you considering switching to Sprint and taking advantage of this promotion? Leave a comment below!

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • Antonio DmYa

    Deciding between T-Mobile and Sprint. What would you recommend for i5s?

  • dazzlesilkyfire

    Sprint service sucks they need all the traffic they can get, while they still are offering everything unlimited they have nothing else.

  • Sherlock Homie

    @Antonio DmYa T-Mobile. I was with Sprint and their data speeds were bad. I don’t know about LTE, though.