Nearly all iPhone 5s devices purchased by iPhone owners, proves Apple fans’ loyalty

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It isn’t a secret that iPhone owners are loyal. If they weren’t loyal, the iPhone vs Android battles wouldn’t be as big of a deal. While loyalty isn’t in question, it may come to a surprise to some people that nearly everyone in line to purchase an iPhone 5s was already an owner of a previous iPhone.

Apparently, up to 90% of people waiting in line in New York, San Francisco, and other cities, were already iPhone owners. This shows that iPhone owners are incredibly loyal, and it also could show that Apple is a company that has a group of incredibly loyal fans. The company has often been made fun of for its very intense followers, but those intense followers are the ones that give Apple incredible sales numbers when it launches new iPhones and other devices. Below is Gene Munster’s comment regarding the loyalty of Apple “fan boys.”

We believe that the high level of iPhone users upgrading to the new 5s or 5c demonstrates continued loyalty levels among iPhone owners. We note that given the relative maturity of the smartphone market in the US, it is not surprising to see that a majority of iPhone 5s/5c buyers were current iPhone users.

While the number certainly seems pretty high to me, I can actually understand it. Most people that I know that have iPhones currently will only upgrade to a better iPhone, and most of my friends with Android phones will only get another Android device. Are you susrprised at the high precentage of loyalty in new iPhone 5s buyers? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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  • jabombardier

    Not surprised at all. What would be a surprise is if the amount of android users that went to iPhone is higher.

  • FrankCorey

    I ordered  32gb grey 5s yesterday and am switching from a motorola droid razr maxx to iPhone. Just got tired of issues lately with my phone and since my personal laptop is a macbook air, my work laptop is a macbook pro, and i have a couple of iPods over the years I thought i would try iphone this time. My last 4 phone were blackberry, blackberry 9630, droid 3, droid razr maxx….so we’ll see if I become a converted apple fanboy :)

  • jabombardier

    @FrankCorey I can relate to you. I always had used Android and gave up on it for the problems the 4 android phones have caused me. I am a convert now.