Microsoft aims a dig at Apple’s new gold iPhone 5s and plastic iPhone 5c [video]

If you’ve been following our site for a little while, you’ll know that I like a good parody here and there. Some of them are genuinely hilarious. College Humor’s Apple promo videos are legendary, and the most recent Conan one made me laugh out loud. Why I’m saying this, is that if I say don’t like one it’s not because I’m some blind fanboy who can’t take any dig at Apple. I can. But it’s the cheap, poorly made and badly executed ones I can’t stand. One of them is Microsoft’s latest “fly on the wall”. It looks and feels as if it was imagined, written and filmed in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Firstly, let’s go with the obvious: Having a dig at plastic phones? Coming from Microsoft, whose recent (slight) growth in the smartphone market is almost entirely down to Nokia’s range of brightly colored plastic Lumias, that’s a little rich. What’s more, the “will we tell them it’s plastic?” line, met with a “no” written on card? They blatantly did say it was plastic, “unapologetically” so. A reference they make in this video. Seems the script-writer, if there was one, was half-asleep. Probably because he was up all night, waiting to get his iPhone 5c pre-order in.

All in all, I’m not surprised Microsoft has taken a swipe at all. It’s what companies do. It’s competition, and the concept is a healthy one. I don’t mind it at all. Samsung’s ads were largely entertaining, and well made. I just think they should try harder. Put some effort in to it. Not this.


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  • Made me laugh so it did it’s job.

  • BillThomas

    The only difference is Apple products work.

  • budh

    Wow, some MS fans are really slurping this ad campaign up. To me it just screams desperation. Leave the poor acting and bad puns to the YouTube comics and late night standups. It only comes off as soulless when big corps do it.