iPhone 5S LTE-Advanced compatibility rumors renewed following Deutsche Telekom announcement

Rumors that the iPhone 5S will be compatible with LTE-Advanced networks have been renewed following German carrier Deutsche Telekom’s announcement that its LTE-Advanced network is going live with immediate effect.

As I’m sure you’ve worked out, LTE-Advanced is a faster form of LTE capable of delivering theoretical maximum speeds of up to 150 Mbps. Deutsche Telekom’s LTE-Advanced network is now live in over 100 towns and cities in the country. Following the news that Samsung would be announcing a new version of the Galaxy S4 with LTE-Advanced support, Deutsche Telekom, in its press released has claimed that “comparable devices from other vendors will follow at the end of September”, leading to inevitable speculation that this includes the iPhone 5S.


A couple of months ago it was rumored that Apple was in talks with Korean carrier SK Telecom over LTE-Advanced Support. At that time, iPhone 5S support for such a scarce network seemed unlikely. Now, with another major carrier on board, and with more likely to follow, the prospect of an iPhone 5S compatible with LTE-Advanced seems a little more promising.

Despite this however, Apple’s relatively slow uptake of 4G would suggest that it may be a little while before Apple does indeed release devices compatible with LTE-Advanced networks.

With Apple’s iPhone announcement just 5 days away, it isn’t long before we’ll know whether these claims are founded in truth or not!

Do you think Apple will provide LTE-Advanced support so early into the network’s life span? Or is it more likely that Apple will wait until LTE-Advanced is a more widespread bandwidth? Leave your comments below!


Via: MacRumors

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  • jabombardier

    Apple always seem to wait and see before implementing. For example NFC is not on iPhones. Besides, depending on carrier, LTE is plenty fast. So if they don’t add LTE-A it’s not a loss.