iPhone 5c pre-orders to go live at midnight Pacific/3am Eastern, Friday 13th


Although we all knew the date the iPhone 5c would be available, the specific timing is always something of a grey area. Although the timing seems to stay the same each year, any confirmation is late from Apple. Thankfully, two of its US carrier partners have announced a specific time frame for pre-orders to go live. Tonight at 12:01 Pacific time or 3am tomorrow morning, Verizon and Sprint will both be accepting pre-orders for its colorful and “unapologetically plastic” iPhone.

In case you missed the news on Tuesday: Apple will not be offering pre-orders for the 5s. No one’s entirely sure why, but there are two possible reasons. Firstly, it thinks the 5c will be the most popular of the two phones and doesn’t want the logistical stress of dealing with two popular devices when there’s a chance of disrupting the new design’s release. Secondly, we’ve been hearing that Apple’s fingerprint sensors are proving to get manufactured quick enough, and so there’s not enough stock of the 5s to satisfy both opening day release and pre-orders. The second of those two is more likely.

In the UK, if you want to pre-order the 5c, so far all the carriers are only showing a “register interest” flash page. There’s no date given from Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Three or EE. Also, none have shown the plans or pricing for either the iPhone 5c or 5s on pay-as-you-go or contract. It’s also worth mentioning, both new phones are compatible with every carrier’s 4G network.

But, if you want to order the device SIM-free direct from Apple you should be able to do it from 9am tomorrow morning. For the past few years whenever there’s been a new product launch whether it be iPhone or iPad, the Apple Store normally comes online some time between 9am and 9:15am to accept pre-orders. I can’t imagine that this year is any different.

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