iPhone 5c ‘Plastic Perfected’ TV ad aired by Apple [video]

Apple’s non-narrated adverts continue with the most recent iPhone 5c TV ad. Like some of the recent iPhone 5 ads, there’s no narration, simply a video with music in the background. Personally, I love it. I’ve always been of the mentality that the more you can say without actually saying anything, the better.

Named “plastic perfected” it shows each brightly colored iPhone’s plastic back being formed from liquid coming together to form the shape of the device. If you watched the keynote announcement last week, the animations will probably seem familiar, as some were featured in the iPhone 5c promotional video.

Unlike recent iPhone ads – however – there’s no attempt to emotionally connect you with the device by showing intimate moments shared over FaceTime, or taking pictures etc. Instead, it’s all about the colors and the materials of the iPhone. If anything, it’s more like an iPod ad than an iPhone one.

The iPhone 5c is set to land in stores on Friday, September 20, with most resellers opening their doors at 8am on Friday morning. In the States it’ll cost you $99 or $199 for the 16GB or 32GB model respectively. Or, if you want unlocked SIM-free devices you’ll pay $549 or $649.

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  • DrewPage

    I always enjoy Apple’s commercials, and this one is no exception.  It shows, among other things, that the iPhone 5c is made from a single block of polycarbonate.  I, for one, love the new colors, except maybe the pink one.  I’ve never been a fan of pink, but the shade they chose is kinda odd.  Oh well, that’s why I ordered the green one.
    On the ordering front, I noticed that my order status has changed to “preparing for shipment”.