iPad 5 and iPad 4 rear shells compared in video

We’ve seen so many leaks showing off the iPhone 5C and 5S that’s forgivable that you’d forget Apple is also due to launch a brand new iPad at some point this year. The 5th generation model is rumored to be slimmer, narrower and lighter than the current 4th generation model and take on some design influences from the iPad mini. In the video above a rear shell from the rumored iPad 5 is compared with a current model to show the differences. As well as the rear shell, unboxtherapy also grabbed hold of the front panel.

In terms of specs, we’re a little unclear. While we’re certain it’ll feature a 9.7″ Retina display, the technology behind the display has possible been the biggest point of conversation. It’s rumored to be taking on the thin, low-energy technology used in the iPad mini. It means it’ll only require one LED strip to backlight instead of two, and won’t need as huge a battery to keep it going for 10 hours. It’s also expected to feature the ‘X’ version of the A7 chip rumored to be making its way in to the iPhone 5S.

As for the iPad mini, no one seems entirely convinced that Apple’s going to release a new one this year. Rumors have gone back and forth between yes and no. Some think that Apple’s going to wait until next year so it can use ┬áRetina display resolution panels. Others think they’ll be included even if it’s launched before the holidays. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone knows except those who won’t share the details with anyone. If Retina resolution 7.9″ panels start leaking, then we’ll have a better idea of what to expect.

On the iPad front, I’d expect the 5th generation 9.7″ model to be the most important device this year.

Via: UnboxTherapy (YouTube)

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  • While I love my 4th generation iPad, I would spring for this 5th generation iPad if the changes truly make it thinner and lighter. The iPad mini’s size and weight are great for a device of that size, and if the larger iPad can get closer to that feel, then it’ll be an even more perfect device.