iOS 7 reduces 4-year-old to tears [Video]

This week Apple’s brand new iOS operating system, iOS 7 was released to the public.

Naturally the reaction was pretty polarised. Some have lauded the OS’ new features a innovative and groundbreaking, bringing new functionality and enjoyment to using an iOS device. On the other hand, many have expressed distaste at the new icons, labeling much of the new interface as childish.

For one little boy in Kansas however, the switch to iOS 7 was simply too much. Jack Colling simply wanted to play Plants vs. Zombies on his dad’s iPad, but when he picked up the device, he found that his dad had recently upgraded to Apple’s brand new, shiny operating system, and this was his reaction…

This video is enough to reduce even the most hard-hearted Android fanatics to sympathy. Have any of you found the switch to iOS 7 difficult or traumatic? Leave your comments below, and be sure to follow me on Twitter @TiP_Stephen

Via: The Telegraph

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  • poetas

    amsterdamized Marc, I know that was your reaction when the “Swipe to unlock phone” stopped working, wasn’t it? :)

  • amsterdamized

    poetas I believe I resorted to a big sigh ;)

  • ryanchrisgomez

    TodaysiPhone you know they also cry when they don’t get the candy at the supermarket. It doesn’t take much.

  • TedJohnson1

    @amsterdamized I would have told the kid that he absolutely did not have to get used to it.
    Nobody in the family is going to force you to play with the iPad. Let me remind you where the toys, the games, the books, and your bicycle are.

  • PedroCst

    Lucky thing there was a videocamera around

  • Darrelljames74

    angwy tony Abbott has named me the next minister for apple

  • jgates513

    agapeteach TodaysiPhone LOL! I’m with him. It’s enough to make me an Android convert. SERIOUSLY! The calendar p*sses me off!