Infinity Blade III debuting in the App Store for $6.99 on September 18th

At Apple’s event yesterday, Chair, developers of the popular Infinity Blade series, got on stage to show off Infinity Blade III. If you remember, Dungeons was cancelled in order to pursue other projects, and, well, this is most likely that “other project.” The app has been completely written for iOS 7 and the 64-bit processor that runs in the iPhone 5s (don’t worry, it supports older devices as well). Well, some pricing and availability is here, and the announcement is saying that it will cost $6.99 when released on September 18th alongside iOS 7.

This app is like no other Infinity Blade before it, bringing a ton of new features and, if you get the 5s, a lot more detail to the graphics not seen on a phone before. IGN provides more information about the soon-to-be-released title:

Although Infinity Blade III tells a sophisticated linear story (Chair estimates the game contains nearly 45 minutes of cutscenes), players will have more freedom than ever in how they tackle the game’s various challenges. From The Hideout, Siris’ new base of operations, players can select from a world map which of several fortress strongholds they want to assault, compared to just a single major playable location in both IB1 and IB2. The Hideout will also be home to a variety of eccentric allies Siris and Isa recruit along the way.

I’m not a very big iOS gamer, but these games are ones that I have spent some time playing on my iPad. I’m most likely going to be picking up an iPhone 5s in the next month or so, and can’t wait to see the level of detail introduced in Infinity Blade III. If you are looking forward to the game, mark you calendars for September 18th, and keep it locked on the site for more info.

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Via: iDownloadBlog, IGN

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