China Unicom and China Telecom to release iPhone 5S/5C on Sept. 20, China Mobile in November


You have to chuckle when a company accidentally announces something and then deletes the post. It often points to something that company is preparing for and an eager intern pressing the “launch” button a little too soon. Earlier this afternoon, China Telecom posted a comment on a Chinese blog stating that the iPhone 5S and 5C would be available on September 20th. The same time as it comes to American and other Western shores.

1378371576533.pngThe comment has since been deleted. And in English reads:

China has been chosen as the first country where the iPhone 5S/5C will be shipped! Weibo preorder time! If you want to be one of the people who gets a handset on day one, click: . Those who successfully preorder will also enjoy a high-end gift bag.

Because the iPhone products haven’t actually shipped yet, detailed numbers and actual shipping information may change.

Why that’s a big deal is that China normally has to wait at least a few weeks before getting an iPhone. With this information coupled with the fact that Beijing is getting its own launch event this year shows just how hard Apple is pushing for the Chinese market this year.

Sina Tech, the blog which originally spotted the post, also claims that China Mobile will be offering the iPhone for the first time. Pointing – yet again – to a potential deal between Apple and the biggest network operator on the planet. But, due to the internal redesign necessary to accommodate the TD-LTE 4G bands used by China Mobile, it’s likely that the network won’t get it out to the public until November.

Via: AppleInsider, Sina Tech, TechWeb 


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