Top Stories This Week: iPhone 5S rumors, iOS 7 beta 6 and why iPhones are made in China

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Here at TiP we’re aware that a lot of you are busy during the week. So, we’re not egotistical enough to assume that you’re glued to our site 100% of the time. With that in mind, each week we round up our most popular stories of the week just in case you missed them in your 9-5 hustle and bustle.

The past 7 days has seen a good few developments in the world of iPhone 5S and 5C rumors as well as beta 6 of iOS 7 being released. Check out this week’s biggest stories below. As always, headlines are links to the original articles.

1. Apple seeds iOS 7 Beta 6 to developers

On Tuesday, almost a week before it was allegedly due to land, Apple released the 6th beta of iOS 7. It didn’t feature much in terms of new design or features, but it has resulted in a much smoother performance.

2.Latest iPhone 5S rumors: More efficient A7 chip, F2.0 aperture camera, gold color and 128GB storage

A report written by a respected analyst states that the iPhone 5S will have a bunch of new hardware features including a more efficient processor, better camera and 128GB storage model. Also, it might be available in gold.

3. Why iPhones are made in China [Infographic]

A really interesting look in to why Apple (and many other companies) choose China. Spoiler: It’s not just about money.

4.Looking to sell your old iPhone? You should do it soon… [UPDATE]

With the next iPhone supposedly due to land in a few weeks, now is the best time to sell your current iPhone if you’re planning to upgrade. From here on in, your device’s value will drop considerably. By up to 20% if you leave it too long.

5.iPhone 5S and 5C physical mockups shown off in photos

Some physical dummy phones show off the iPhone 5S and 5C’s dimensions and look.

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