Top Stories This Week: iOS 7 beta 4, iPhone 5C and iPad mini 2 leaks

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This past few days has been nothing but leaks in the world of iPhone and iPad news. Thankfully, there were still some other interesting topics of discussion this week. On Monday, Apple finally released iOS 7 beta 4, so we took no time in having a dig through to see what new features and designs we could find. As well as that, Motorola launched its Moto X. Below are the big stories of the week, links (as always) are the headlines.

1.Packaging for budget “iPhone 5C” pictured

We’ve been hearing a lot about the budget iPhone over past months, but we didn’t have a name. On the interwebs we interchanged between ‘Budget iPhone’, ‘iPhone Lite’ and ‘Low-cost iPhone’. Thankfully, having seen some leaked packaging, we can now refer to it as ‘iPhone C’, where ‘C = Color’ (not ‘Cheap’).

2.New in iOS 7 beta 4: Lock Screen redesign, New Phone Buttons and more

iOS 7 beta 4 is here, and along with some reliability fixes, it also came with some really nice new interface and design changes.

3.iOS 7 Beta 4 adds new API for screenshot detection, solves Snapchat problem

Along with the noted new features, it also became clear that Apple has created an API for the detection of screenshot taking. It will become increasingly useful to developers like those of private messaging app, Snapchat.

4.iPad mini 2 rear shell leaked, suggests tweaked Apple logo design [photos]

Yet another leak, this time it’s the iPad mini 2 and there are some subtle differences between the shell picture and the current version.

5.Motorola Moto X vs. iPhone 5 – Spec Sheet Showdown

Last but not least, we compared the specs of Motorola’s latest device with the iPhone 5’s. It’s an interesting comparison, but we’ll be more interested in seeing how the two compare in daily use side-by-side.

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