Survey reveals iOS 7 design far more popular than iOS 6


Polar created an online poll recently to discover which version of iOS users found more appealing. It featured a long list of specific parts of the user experience to gauge if consumers preferred the current version or the upcoming one. Despite some skepticism online, the clear preference in the survey was iOS 7.

polarEven the least popular element of iOS 7 (the new switch toggle) still managed to grab 57% of the vote. The three most attractive features were Notifications, Progress Indicator and the Tab Bar, each of which managed to secure over 80% of the vote. Over all, across all sections, only 28% of the votes went in iOS 6’s favor.

9to5Mac reports that the survey results not only that iOS 7 is far more popular, but also that the majority of users want to see increased security on their iPhones.  Specifically, a fingerprint scanner such as the one rumored to be on its way to the next iPhone.

What about you guys? Are there elements of iOS 6 you wish were in iOS 7, or is everything better about the upcoming software release?

Via: 9to5Mac


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  • DrewPage

    Hardly a shocker.  I mean, iOS 6 is just fine, but iOS 7 is a huge leap forward in usability.  People will of course complain about Apple not releasing a totally new hardware design this year, but I don’t think those people grasp just how big iOS 7 will be, in terms of how the iPhone works.  Lets hope the whining won’t be too loud, since Apple has done the same product cycle for many years (iPhone 3G–>3GS, iPhone 4–>4S, iPhone 5–>5S).

  • Layla Blue

    I personally wish Apple would make bigger changes with each upgrade. You should feel like you are getting a new phone when you plop down all that cash for an upgrade.