Samsung’s demand for retrial on Apple “rubber-banding” patent dismissed

As part of THE biggest tech patent infringement lawsuit in recent memory, Apple’s “rubber-banding” patent was deemed to have been used by Samsung without permission. A claim which Samsung tried to deny, and asked for a re-trial. Hardly surprising considering it was initially ordered to pay Apple $1 billion in damages.

The patent in question covered the animation for when a web page, or menu reaches its end, and springs back. A graphic below shows all the key patents that each company accused the other of infringing. As you can see, Apple wasn’t found guilty of illegally using any of Sammy’s. Whereas, the Korean tech giant was found to have “willfully infringed” on five of Apple’s with a huge selection of devices.

patentsYesterday, Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Samsung’s motion for a new trial over the “bounce-back” patent was denied. It was more than likely a time wasting tactic by Samsung as it tries to push back the final damages hearing further.

It’s now been a year since the jury found Samsung guilty of infringing Apple’s patents, and we still have time to wait for the final decision on damages to be reached. The – hopefully – last hearing is scheduled to take place in November. As it stands, Samsung’s going to be paying Apple around $600 million after the judge dropped the damages by $450 million.

Although this is the major lawsuit, you should be reminded that it’s not the only one these two are involved in. And it’s definitely not the last time you’re going to see one company be ordered to compensate the other, or facing each other in court.



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  • Greeneggs

    Um – maybe some fact checking is in order…
    Samsung was NOT found to have “willfully infringed”

  • BillThomas

    @Greeneggs oh yeah so that’s why they are paying Apple over 500 Million dollars?