Patent shows how Apple could turn the iPhone into a “smart home” remote

13.08.27-Remote-2Are you interested in having a smart home that could could control entirely through your mobile device? Well, an Apple patent shows how that might look if the iPhone was the phone you used to control it. US Patent No. 8,519,820, titled “Systems and methods for saving and restoring scenes in a multimedia system,” shows how an app on your iPhone could possibly create different “scenes” in your home, and then save those scenes for quick access and changing.

13.08.27-Remote-1This wouldn’t be some normal remote control, however, as instead of simply allowing you to change settings, etc, it would actually be able to recommend different settings. It would allow you to connect to different devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless protocols in order to control almost your entire home. It is curious where, when, or how exactly Apple would plain to implement such a feature however. If you are interested in more on the patent, you can go check out the USPTO page for it here: Patent 8,519,820.

What do you think? Would you be interested in your smartphone being able to control your home? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: AppleInsider, USPTO


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  • I personally am intrigued by the “Recorded TV” button in the first image. I suppose that could be generic, though, too.

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  • smarthom121

    Its totally amazing, that we can control the activities of our home by our apple device