Judge in Apple vs. DoJ e-book trial will not be overly harsh in injunction

ibooks logoThe judge of the Apple vs. US Department of Justice, Denise Cote, has said that she wants the “injunction to rest as lightly as possible on how Apple runs its business” regarding the e-book case. The reason for this is that she only wants this to have an effect on the e-book part of iTunes, or more specifically the iBookstore, and not the rest of the iTunes business (e.g. music, movies, etc). When the DoJ gave a suggested list of remedies it included items that would hurt Apple in places outside the e-books business.

However, something that most likely will be done that was a suggestion by the DoJ is having Apple be required to bring in a 3rd party monitor to oversee that it complies the antitrust program. Apparently, according to Cote, Apple’s antitrust actions were “blatant,” and that is what has warranted the need for an external monitor eve after Apple claimed the move would cause undue cost and burden on the company. The final injunction ruling is expected to be coming next week sometime.

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Via: AppleInsider


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