Alleged iPhone 5S leak shows white and gold version

Sadly, you read the title correctly. A picture from Chinese social networking site Weibo appears to show an iPhone 5S with a gold back. These ridiculous rumors have been around for a while now, however this picture is a little more significant than most because it appears to show the modified flash of the iPhone 5S, it’s almost certainly not a picture of an iPhone 5.

Despite this, the chances of Apple releasing a gold iPhone are almost zero. Personally, I find the idea of a gold iPhone a little repulsive, however there are some out there who would probably go for a golden iPhone. That being said, the number is probably so small that Apple would never consider manufacturing its device in an exclusive color like that.



Personally, I find myself totally unconvinced by such rumors, but I’ll let you judge for yourself the prospect of a gold iPhone. Do you think it would be a good idea? Would you ever consider buying one? Leave your comments below!


Via: Cult of Mac

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    The iPhone 5S, with white and gold colors which only a Persian would think was cool