iPhone 5 coming to Cincinnati Bell August 16

Ohio based regional carrier Cincinnati Bell has announced that it will carry the iPhone 5 from August 16.

This will be the first time that the iPhone has been available on Cincinnati Bell, however the carrier faces a dilemma over the pricing of the phone. In any carrier deal, Apple determines the number of iPhone’s that a carrier must buy, which means that the carrier is forced to pay for any unsold devices. Because most carrier subsidize the cost of an iPhone, the deal becomes even more costly for a carrier, particularly a smaller regional carrier.


Cincinnati Bell will offer the 16 GB model to customers for $299 on a contract, around $100 more expensive than the standard U.S. price. To compensate for this, the company is offering $100 trade credit on smartphone trade in on August 17th and 18th when they buy an iPhone 5.

The move is excellent news for those seeking the iPhone in Cincinnati, who would prefer to remain with their regional carrier. Cincinnati Bell provides servicing in portions of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, a coverage of around 2,400 square miles. It offers 4G speeds in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Columbus and Louisville in partnership with national carriers.



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