iPad 5 rear shell shown off in hands-on photos


We’ve been hearing so much about the next iPhone(s) and iPad mini that it’s forgivable to forget that the larger, 9.7″ iPad is due to be updated this year. Having had the same design since the iPad 2 launched in March 2011, it’s long due a refreshed look, and that’s what’s been speculated for the 5th generation iPad.

If rumors are to be believed, we’re expecting an iPad with a 9.7″ display sporting a slimmer look, similar to that of the iPad mini. Bezels will be trimmed down as will any excess weight and body fat. The latest leak would seemingly confirm it too. FanaticFone got some hands on time with what it purportedly the rear shell of the iPad 5.

There’s no way of confirming if the parts are genuine Apple parts, but there’s nothing about them that seems dodgy in any way. All the internal fixing points and cutouts look almost exactly like the iPad mini’s insides, the fact that there are protective stickers and film film all over it would point to the fact that they’re not just some cheap knock-off. The workmanship looks too high quality too have been knocked out for some cheap clone. Even the edges of the frame are nicely polished and chamfered.

In terms of measurements we’re looking at a device that’s 240mm long and 168mm wide (no thickness measured). Existing iPads are the same length, but measure in at 17mm wider, adding to the rumors that the bezels will indeed be much slimmer than the iPad 2/3/4.

Other rumors regarding the 5th iPad suggest we’re going to see a display with more efficient backlighting. While you may not notice the difference in terms of graphics, the battery will no longer need to be as large to power it, suggesting a much thinner and lighter battery and device. It’s unlikely Apple will change from its ever consistent 10-hour iPad battery life.

Source: FanaticFone
Via: CoM, NowhereElse

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