High-quality pics of champagne gold iPhone 5S show up again, and just like that, I’m off it


As we hadn’t seen enough of the rumored gold iPhone in the past week, some more images have been published by the ever prolific leakster, Sonny Dickson. The images in his latest online gallery show the complete rear housing/chassis of the device in white and gold/champagne. And, like I was before the champagne tone was hinted at, I’m back in the “eww, gold iPhone” camp again.

For a few days I did consider the idea that gold may not be so bad. Especially after leaked comparison images showed it to be a very subtle tone of gold, more champagne. But, that was in bright light. These latest images give us a clue as to what it’ll look like when lighting conditions aren’t great. I just can’t imagine glancing toward the mantel with nothing but dim morning light, and see the color shown in the image below. (The one showing three shells side-by-side.)

Simply put, my black/slate iPhone looks great in any light. This gold iPhone doesn’t.

Now, I’m not doubting that the color will have appeal. Of course it will. I won’t look down on, or judge anyone for buying it. It’s just not to my taste. It looks hideous. I think it’s mostly a case of: in bright light, the gold tone isn’t so obvious since the light reflects off it giving it a much lighter hue. But in the shade, in general day-to-day lighting, it’s going to be clearly gold and I couldn’t live with it.

Could you?

Via: SonnyDickson

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  • davidj

    TodaysiPhone TiP_Cam Want…will buy, goodbye white

  • benitezburns

    The gold 5S is so mine!! Can’t wait!!

  • Fatneck79

    I think it looks pretty sweet

  • mrmarkdemaio

    I actually think it’s kind of elegant!

  • MickeRe

    I’ve been a believer for a few weeks now..  I mean, I’m not surprised at all, but I’m not sold either.. I don’t like gold things. Except from bars of it.. Give me a bar of gold apple, for $199 + 24 months, Then I’m sold!

  • Sherlock Homie

     I think it looks nice as well.

  • Sherlock Homie

    This is all subjective regarding the color.  I think it’s great to have another option.  The gold iPhone is something that I’d actually have to see in the store on display.  Then I could make up mind in its entirety.

  • Jeff Cole

    Very soft looking. I’d stick with the black!