Flickr updates with live filters, customizable ones, and more

flikrupdateFlickr got a fairly big update today, introducing a range of new options mainly focused on filters. New in the update are live filters, and customizable filters. You don’t have to just use the ones that are built in, but can actually adjust them ones applied. However, it is a little late to this party, as filters are built into the Camera app on iOS 7, even square cropping is too. Nonetheless, the update does look nice, and Flickr comes integrated into iOS 7 so maybe that will up usage a little bit. Here is the full change log:

What’s New in Version 2.20.1134

● The Flickr Mobile App has a brand new set of filters! With a new range of dynamic and stunning effects you’ll be able to personalize your photos like never before. 

● Live filters! Now you can scroll through and preview the effects of each filter before you snap your shot. Choosing the right one is no longer a guessing game. 

● Tired of stock filters? With the Flickr Mobile App you can customize your filters to get the exact effects you’re looking for. 

● We’ve also got new camera tools. Perfectly compose your shots with awesome grids, pinch to zoom, and the ability to lock your focus and exposure points. 

● Professional editing tools. The editing tools you usually pay for are now free with Flickr. Enhance, crop, sharpen, adjust color, use levels, add vignettes and more.

● Now our camera and editing tools have beautifully animated transitions, giving users the best camera experience yet.

As you can see there are a ton of new features in the update. A new icon has also been added, taking away the ever-so-slight gradient from before and changing to a completely flat white background. You can get the app, or update, for free here if you haven’t already: Flickr.

What do you think? Do you like the update? Still not going to use Flickr? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: 9to5Mac, App Store


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