Bob Mansfield leaves leadership team to focus on chips


Apple’s been doing a fair bit of corporate rearranging recently. The latest on that front is the news that Bob Mansfield, a familiar face to those of us who watch those white-backed, semi-overdone Apple product videos, has left the leadership team to work on “special projects.” More specifically, Mansfield will devote his time and energy to chips.

According to a new report, Mansfield’s former duties (he used to be SVP of Technologies) will be divided between SVP of Hardware Engineering, Dan Riccio, and SVP of Operations, Jeff Williams. Riccio will continue running the hardware group and will also take the reigns over all antenna design for iOS devices. Meanwhile, Williams will assist in the management of special projects teams.

With rumors swirling that Apple is looking to distance itself from Intel’s chipset combined with the company’s recent purchase of a series of smaller chip companies, it definitely makes sense that Tim Cook and Co. would want someone who’s been with Apple for a while to head this new and important initiative.

Mansfield work with chips will affect everything from iPhones and iMacs to future products down the line like an iWatch or an Apple HDTV. Let’s hope he lives up to the challenge!


Via: Gigaom

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