Apple drops 53 spots on Forbes “Most Innovative Companies” list, landing at 79th

456x112xapplerankinglower.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.HBUUCeQTCTForbes, for the past 2 years now, has put out an annual list of companies that it dubs the “Most Innovative Companies,” which includes a list of 100 companies from all different types of fields and markets, including technology. Apple in 2011, the first year the list was aggregated, ranked 5th. However, the following year it saw a drop to 26th, and has this year fallen an astounding 53 spots all the way to 79th. This could be due to the lack of new product categories that Apple has entered, or for other reasons entirely.

Google sits at 47th this year, after making 7th in 2011 and 24th in 2012. Other technology companies, such as that of Intel and Microsoft, have yet to see any recognition on Forbes’ list. Like I said, it isn’t entirely clear what the detriment to Apple’s ranking is, however looking at the track record for the past year, there hasn’t been much of note other than the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

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Via: TUAW, Forbes


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  • DarrenButz

    I feel like there hasn’t been much of any innovation by major tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung. And that’s cause these companies are spending too much time in the courtroom arguing over existing technology. Props to Microsoft for trying to innovate (with Windows 8 and tablets). Even though they were terrible ideas, at least they’re attempting to switch it up, unlike all the other tech companies.